hello stranger! my name is kora.

iā€™m 26, unemployed, and backpacking across the world.

kĆ¼nstlerroaming is my travelogue & coming-of-age story.

a year ago i left a lucrative but unfulfilling career behind and booked a one-way ticket to australia. i wanted to fulfill a longstanding dream of mine to see the world in my twenties; more importantly, i wanted to discover what i was brought on this earth to do.

if iā€™m not an engineer, what am i?

what is my purpose? what makes me happy? what do i feel called towards?

i believe in travel as a vehicle for better understanding myself and the world around me. on my journey across the continents, iā€™ve encountered people, cultures, and experiences that have broadened the scope of everything i know. iā€™ve changed, learned, and grown exponentially during this time.

hereā€™s my deal. iā€™ll share everything iā€™ve learned on my travels here: essays on self-discovery and purpose, my favorite hidden gems of the world, the logistics of living off my savings on the road. youā€™ll learn how iā€™ve come to define the idea of ā€œcalling,ā€ why sri lanka has my heart, what life is like on a peruvian corn farm, and how i survived three nights of ayahuasca.

in return, i ask you to use my writing as inspiration to question the default path and to explore the world. leave a comment and tell me what resonated: what made you laugh, cry, sob? what are the questions youā€™ve been struggling with? of course, youā€™re welcome to enlist your friends on this journey; the world can only become a better place with more curiosity and exploration.

august in the italian dolomites

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fisherman reeling in one last catch at sunset. november in sri lanka

as a photographer, i also share travel photography, videos, and other regular updates on instagram.

check it out for the full experience @kunstlerroaming.

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last but not leastā€¦ what does kĆ¼nstlerroaming mean?

kĆ¼nstlerroaming is a play on the german word kĆ¼nstlerroman and roaming.

kĆ¼nstlerromanĀ comes fromĀ kĆ¼nstlerĀ (ā€œartistā€) andā€ŽĀ romanĀ (ā€œnovelā€): it represents an artistā€™s coming-of-age story.

kĆ¼nstlerroamingĀ is mine.

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a travelogue & coming-of-age story. Ā· essays and learnings from a year of backpacking across the world Ā·


one year backpacking around the world. writing a travelogue & coming-of-age story, as it happens. book in progress šŸ“š